Delacre targets a new audience
with Quadroseal Bag

Nomi's customers

They respond quickly and perfectly master the technology 

A premium cookie manufacturer naturally only settles for premium suppliers. Thus, the Belgian company Delacre found a great partner in Nomi Co-Packing to package their celebrated delights in a Quadroseal Bag. New Product Development & Regulatory Manager Eric Cornet looks back on a swift journey towards a new packaging for a new target audience.

Over 100 years as a Royal Warrant Holder

“We have been a Royal Warrant Holder for over 100 years with our premium cookies," says Eric Cornet. He has been working at Delacre for about 30 years now. Eric enjoys being involved in the product, and as the New Product Development Manager, he is responsible for developing new cookies and the associated production process. "With our luxurious tins, high-quality ingredients, delightful full flavor, and visual perfection, we are very popular in the upscale segment, especially in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. To reach a new target audience, we wanted to offer a selection of cookies in a bag, the so-called Quadroseal Bag.”

Good reputation in the market

“Delacre has been part of larger corporate groups for many years. From the time when I used to visit the Verkade factory in Zaandam, which was part of our former parent company, I had heard good things about Nomi Co-Packing. When we decided to outsource the new packaging, we immediately contacted them. After some exploratory discussions, we were convinced that Nomi Co-Packing could meet our requirements.”

Quadroseal Bag made from sustainable film

“An important requirement was that we could quickly introduce our cookies in the new Quadroseal Bag to the market. Such a bag is sealed on four sides and has folded sides and a flat bottom. From our current parent company Ferrero, we supplied sustainable film, after which the specialists at Nomi Co-Packing adjusted their machines accordingly. Subsequently, we brought a delegation of technicians and marketing people to inspect. After just a few trial runs and adjustments, Nomi Co-Packing successfully produced the packaging to our satisfaction.”

New target audience less critical

“Besides our cookies being a true indulgence, our standard is also very high when it comes to the visual perfection of the cookies. The chocolate coating must not be damaged, and the cookies must not be broken. With this new packaging, it poses a significant challenge, although we anticipate that it may not be as crucial for the new target audience. When they take a cookie out of the bag, they probably want to enjoy it immediately. Whether this is indeed the case and whether the new packaging will be successful is something we'll have to wait and see.”

Great collaboration

“Since February 2023, Nomi Co-Packing has been packaging two types of cookies for us under our own brand Delacre. Now that I have personal experience with Nomi Co-Packing, I can say that the people there respond quickly and perfectly master the technology. They are an engaged party with a positive attitude, with whom we can share laughs but also be very serious. In short: I enjoy working with Nomi Co-Packing.”

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