"They immediately understood our wishes and needs"

Nomi's customers

They immediately understood our wishes and needs

Coroos, a leading producer of sustainable vegetable and fruit products in Europe, introduced a new product to the European market in 2008: fruit pouches. To meet the growing demand for pouches with multiple flavors in one box, Coroos decided to collaborate with Nomi Co-Packing. The result? A successful partnership that demonstrates how engaging a co-packer can lead to increased efficiency.  

COROOS produces and packages fruit pouches on their own production line. As the demand for multiple flavors in one box grew, packaging them became a challenge. Sander Bel, production manager at COROOS in Geldermalsen, explains: 'We excel at packaging products with one or two flavors in a box, but handling multiple variations in one box with our production line is difficult. That's why we sought a partner. Nomi Co-Packing stood out as the best choice based on their experience, price-quality ratio, and location.'

Mixing and filling

In the collaboration between COROOS and Nomi Co-Packing, COROOS sends the pouches as semi-finished products to Nomi, along with the box and outer box. At Nomi Co-Packing, the pouches are mixed in the right proportions and packed into the boxes. NOMI's years of experience in mixing and filling products are evident. 'They immediately understood our wishes and needs. We were able to communicate at the same level very quickly, and the implementation and startup went smoothly. It's reassuring to know we can rely on their knowledge and expertise.'

Taking workload off

COROOS is highly satisfied with the collaboration with Nomi Co-Packing. "They take a lot of workload off our hands. This translates to our production line being more available. We can focus on our specialty—swiftly and efficiently producing high-quality fruit pouches—while NOMI concentrates on their area of expertise." Recently, both parties further deepened their collaboration by jointly investing in the packaging line at Nomi Co-Packing.

Win-win situation

COROOS wasn't accustomed to working with a co-packer. There were many doubts within the organization about taking this step. The partnership with Nomi Co-Packing has shown that it can indeed lead to greater efficiency and quality. "We've realized that by focusing on what you're good at, you can create a win-win situation," says Sander Bel. "We're even considering having Nomi Co-Packing handle some of the products we can package ourselves to achieve an even greater efficiency gain."

Pleasant collaboration

Despite the recent start of the collaboration between COROOS and Nomi Co-Packing, both parties are already very content. "Discussions are already underway about expanding our collaboration with new products and possibilities. Our partnership offers many opportunities for the future, so we're looking forward to a long-lasting and productive collaboration."

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