Femke Matthijssen

Working at NOMI

Business administration trainee,
Avans University of Applied Sciences

Femke Matthijssen (20) is a fourth-year business administration student at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. She is completing her graduation internship at Nomi Co-Packing. She likes it. "I get all the space I need to carry out my research and everyone is willing to help me."


Making sales processes more efficient and effective

During her previous studies, Femke mainly focused on logistics. At Nomi Co-Packing, she focuses on how the sales processes can be organised more efficiently and effectively, so that sales staff have more time for acquisition and customer management. "So very different from my previous research, but therefore very enjoyable. Especially also because I now see a completely different side of the business."

Perception of co-packing

Femke ended up at Nomi Co-Packing because she lives in Etten-Leur and I was hoping for an internship close to home. "I looked up multiple companies at Vosdonk business park and Nomi Co-Packing immediately appealed to me, partly because they work with big brands such as Haribo and Tony's Chocolonely. Beforehand, I didn't really have an idea of what exactly co-packing was, but after a fun and interesting tour on my first day, it was immediately clear to me."

Freedom in research

As soon as she started at Nomi Co-Packing in February, Femke noticed the informal and friendly atmosphere within the company. "Also, the lines of communication are very short. Any questions I have are answered immediately. Sometimes someone even puts aside their own work to help me. I get all the freedom to organise my research and I have weekly meetings with my internship supervisor Carlo Jochems to discuss the progress of the research. So the supervision is really top-notch. There are also nice traditions within the company, such as the daily walk at noon with a group and the delicious sandwiches on Wednesday. I work at the office four days a week - fortunately it is possible to keep enough distance - and one day at home. Then you quickly get to know everyone well."

Identifying waste

At this moment, Femke's graduation research is in full swing. "I am now in the process of mapping the current processes and workload distribution and identifying wastage according to the LEAN philosophy. The next step is to eliminate the wastage, by drawing up and implementing the right improvement measures. The latter is new to me, so that is a nice challenge."

Master's programme

Femke's graduation studies will continue until July and will lead to a bachelor's degree if all goes well. "After that, I would like to pursue a master's degree in supply chain management. Because Business Administration is a broad programme, I think it would be interesting to go into one particular field and supply chain management fits in well with the Business Administration programme. Who knows, I might come back to Nomi Co-Packing during or after my master's programme, because I really like the company. I can recommend an internship at Nomi Co-Packing to every student!"

Femke Mathijssen
I have all the space I need to conduct my research, and everyone is willing to assist me further."

Femke Mathijssen