For more than fifteen years

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For more than fifteen years, Haribo has chosen NOMI Co-Packing as their preferred supplier when products, for which its own factories have no solution, need to be packed. Two years ago, when a new format of hanging bags of Maomix was introduced to the market, NOMI Co-Packing was asked to do the co-packing.


Bert Lambregts, Intercompany Manager Benelux at Haribo: “We already had Maomix in other bag formats but the new bag is narrow and long. Furthermore, the three different sweets in the mix have a very specific ratio. That is why we were unable to produce these bags in our own factory so we asked NOMI Co-Packing to help us think of a solution.”


There were a few specific challenges in developing these solutions. “In the mix of three sweets, there is one type of which only one piece can be placed in the bag due to the relatively heavy weight of that particular sweet. NOMI came up with a solution for that. Also, one of the other sweets was a little too big and that could have caused blockages in the machine’s filler tube. Luckily, these sweets come in different formats so we decided to use a smaller size of the same type of sweet.”


NOMI Co-Packing now has production runs of the long, narrow Maomix bags four times per year. “And those production runs run just as smoothly as all the other work we have outsourced at NOMI Co-Packing during the last fifteen years. Of course, the fact that NOMI Co-Packing is located close to us is also one of the reasons we continue to choose them. Plus, NOMI Co-Packing is a reliable partner who thinks along with us and resolves any problems very quickly. It’s clear why we have worked with them for so long.”

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