Luka Veljovic

Working at NOMI

Trainee Logistics,
Engineering NHTV

Intern Luka Veljovic (21) concludes his 14-week internship at Nomi Co-Packing this week. He is happy to tell why he enjoyed it so much.


Luka is studying Logistics Engineering at the NHTV in Breda. His internship at Nomi Co-Packing is his first and he immediately likes it. "If I want to know something or need data, I only have to ask for it and it is looked up and printed out for me. I also get all the freedom to try things out and carry them out and I notice that I am also listened to. The staff at Nomi Co-Packing appreciate the fact that I think along with them and they come up with ideas that I can apply. This school year, I still have to do an internship at another company and I'm already afraid it won't be as much fun as at Nomi Co-Packing!"

Inbound and outbound pallets

Luka's internship assignment is: reduce costs by optimising the process of inbound and outbound pallets. "So basically everything before and after production: from the moment the pallets arrive to the moment they leave again. That process in turn consists of a number of subprocesses, such as unloading from the truck, scanning and placing the pallets in the storage racks. Data was already available on some processes, but I also took measurements myself with a stopwatch."


Luka made several findings: "For example, I noticed that a lot of time is consumed with scanning. Sometimes it took half a minute - out of the whole five-minute process - just to determine the location of a pallet. There are easier ways to determine that. For example, with RFID technology, or with fixed scanners instead of mobile scanners. I am now investigating what investment could be of value."

Forklift trucks

In addition, Luka analysed the deployment of forklift drivers. "Nomi Co-Packing employs five forklift drivers permanently, in addition to a number of flexible drivers who can be deployed as needed. However, my research shows that there are always at least seven present, all of whom are actually needed. It might be cheaper to employ two permanent drivers."

Truck loading

Luka also researched the most efficient way to load a truck. "This can be done in two ways: the forklift driver can put the pallet in front of the truck after which the truck driver uses a pump truck to move the pallet into the truck, and a way in which the forklift driver puts two pallets in front of the truck one at a time and then slides them both into the truck at the same time. The latter method saves 5.2 seconds. With 337 pallets going in and out per day on average, that's quite a saving!"

Future in co-packing

His internship at Nomi Co-Packing is completed after this week. Does Luka see a future for himself in the co-packing industry? "I want to get a master's degree after graduation first, so it will be a while before I start working. But I do think it would be a lot of fun to work in this industry!"

Luka Veljovic
I also have the freedom to try and implement things, and I notice that my input is valued."

Luka Veljovic