Sahra Yusuf

Business administration trainee,
Avans University of Applied Sciences

In a few months' time, Sahra Yusuf hopes to complete her college degree in business administration from Avans University of Applied Sciences. In fact, she is currently fulfilling her graduation internship at Nomi Co-Packing. In doing so, she is putting into practice the knowledge she acquired during her studies.


Interesting internship

Her previous internships were mainly with companies in financial services. A different branch than the production lines at Nomi Co-Packing  “It’s nice that the communication lines are nice and short at Nomi Co-Packing. I already know everyone and if I have a question, I can ask it straight away. That was different at the large companies where I did my previous internships. There, it sometimes took a week before I could speak to someone. Of course, Nomi Co-Packing is also a completely different kind of company than I have experienced before. Walking around in a production environment makes this a very interesting internship."

Production process

Sahra's thesis research focuses on the production department. "I am investigating at what points in the production process the instruction and control can be improved and standardised, so that the production process is more efficient and there is less chance of errors. Nomi Co-Packing has grown considerably in recent years - and with it the number of employees. People have been given new and different tasks and it is my job to see how the management and instructions can be adjusted accordingly.

Happy first week

Sahra was very pleased about her first week at Nomi Co-Packing last November. "I was well looked after by my colleagues and a programme had already been mapped out for me before the week started. Everything was ready for me and after the first week, my assignment was completely clear. I have had different experiences with other internships. I can always go to colleagues with questions. For my research, I interviewed production workers, shift leaders and operators and that all went very smoothly too. And if I have an additional question, I only have to walk by or call and I am helped. Very nice."

Getting started

As soon as Sahra has graduated, she will start looking for a nice job. "Before this, I did an intermediate vocational training and I have had it with school for a while - although I'm certainly not ruling out a master's degree in the future either. After graduation, I will first enjoy a nice long holiday and then I will see where I will start working. The nice thing about my education is that it can go in all directions. I have no industry or specific job in mind where I want to go, I want to keep all options open."