With 35 years of experience in packaging Fast Moving Customer Goods, Nomi Co-Packing is one of the most professional and prominent
co-packers in Europe.

<span>Go for sustainable</span> alternatives with Nomi Co-Packing

Sustainability is important to us. Together with our customers and suppliers, we have already taken many steps in recent years to make packaging more sustainable. This includes thinner packaging material, optimisation of the filling degree and the use of more recyclable packaging materials. There is also a lot of focus on decreasing wastage of product and material. Also we generate a large share of our power consumption by means of solar panels.

Are you looking for a co-packer who can support you in making your packaging more sustainable? Then get in touch. We would like to hear about your wishes and ambitions and inform you about our possibilities. You can also request a no-obligation quote via our quotation tool.

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